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 Unlock your potential to Quantum leap with the science behind resistance-free manifestation 

Inside the workshop, we're covering:

  • The science behind accelerating the arrival of your desires: what you need to know & implement to become a pro at Quantum Leaps

  • The cutting edge Quantum Physics principals as they relate to manifestation, and how to use them to create any reality you desire to, now (a 2-step formula 🧬)

  • Key Law of Attraction MYTHS that keep people stuck and in their head, and why monitoring your thoughts or being "high vibe" all the time is NOT necessary (or even possible) for massive manifestations

About your hosts, Lo & Zo


We're Lauren and Zoey. Or, as our audience knows us, Lo & Zo.

We're former 9-5ers turned coaches, entrepreneurs, podcast co-hosts and most importantly, Quantum Creators.

We both believe in and implement daily a knowledge, understanding and little-known manifestation process that has allowed us both to manifest lives, businesses and realities we absolutely love.

After years of studying what works and what doesn't when it comes to quickly manifesting the outcomes we want, we've come to discover a fundamental and widely unknown truth-- that we ARE the power that creates reality and absolutely everything in it, and that we can manifest life-changing outcomes in a fraction of the time, effort and frustration than most people seem to think.

Now, we're sharing the Quantum Manifestation process that's turned our realities upside-down in the best, most magical ways imaginable.

Join us inside The Quantum Accelerator to learn the truth about who you really are, and use it to create any reality you desire.

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