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Identity of a Master Manifestor: The Quantum Codes of Conscious Creation


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 Love for QC² 

Here's what some of our past participants have to say about life before, during & after the Quantum Creators Course:

Truth be told, I have NEVER been so excited to write a testimonial for a program that I've done because I've never had such efficient & clear results!  Before I started, I knew I could manifest but I made the process so hard on myself. It felt like an endurance event. But the process in the program was super easy, super doable, and super FUN! When I started QC2 I was just ramping up my business & wanted to have my first $5k month. Within the next 30 days, I had a $5k month and have had them consistently ever since. My husband & I also were selling our home and I wanted to move to a high-rise apartment that had a beautiful, unobstructed lake view. Right now, I am literally staring at the exact same view I visualized from where I work in my apartment on the 21st floor. If I didn't know better, I wouldn't even believe I created this all myself in what felt like record time. :) I cannot wait to do this again and visualize bigger & better desires!

- Bree Denters

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QC² changed my life. Lo & Zo helped me to realize that anything was possible for me in any amount of time.  I was stuck in a thought pattern that my desires would take a long time to come, but they taught me that I can have anything I want right away! I've always believed in manifestation; however, I'm a very analytical person who requires scientific evidence to support a lot of what I believe in, and this course taught me about creation and explained the principles behind quantum physics, which really solidified things for me and gave me a better understanding of my true powers. 


I chose the goal of manifesting my soulmate and that came to life within THREE WEEKS of starting the course! I couldn't believe it.  Literally every single item on my list of what I'm looking for in a soulmate, my current partner checks off. I did this through visualization, journaling, and working through unconscious beliefs.  The bridge of incidents and idiosyncrasies I've experienced are incredible, and they continue to happen! This course was one of the single greatest investments I've ever made."

- Jess Paladino

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I loved QC². It was definitely a course that supported a mental and emotional up-level quickly for me by building the belief internally that I have the power to create my reality. My biggest manifestation came in the form of clearing a large portion of debt ($30,000, to be exact) off my credit report. I was in a process for 2 years with the credit bureaus trying to delete this off my account and had no luck until I used the techniques of QC2 towards visualizing my debt coming off my report. It was so freeing to finally see my credit score back up to 780+. I also manifested unexpected money ($500), new clients that I really enjoy working with and also a new way of visualizing and confidence in manifestation. I highly recommend this course if you are looking to shift your way of thinking about how to manifest and love the science behind it. It was very informative and fun too. I love it. Thank you Lo & Zo for opening up my mind to unlimited possibilities.

- Mara Palermo

I was lucky enough to have my first course EVER be QC2. Guys, let me tell you that THIS is the basics of manifestation that you NEED in order to trust. I'm a pretty logical person, so it was hard for me to just 'trust' the universe at first. Knowing the science behind it changes the whole game because you don't have to think 'will it work?' Because they give you the formula for making it happen. And I'm now a very spiritual person so having science at my base, let's me trust in *how* the universe is doing it. It's magical AF science.


I started the program when I hadn't been able to get past 1000s-3000$ a month. I was desperately trying to manifest more. During 2 weeks of the course, I made over 6,500$. It was my biggest month, let alone done in 2 weeks!! 


The community is amazing. Everyone is on the same team, so supportive, and full of love. Lo and Zo answer all questions and support your understanding while you get your mind blown along the way!

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- Camille Wilson

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I kind of randomly chose to manifest 9.000 € as my “big” manifestation. I sat down and created a scene in my mind that would implement me having my manifestation, as explained in the course. After a few times doing the technique, something shifted inside of me. The best I can explain it is: a rush of ideas and the feeling of enthusiasm for all the things I could do with the money just flood in. New thoughts and new feelings of abundance sort of got programmed into my being and changed my state. In the next few days I connected to this feeling over and over again when I thought about money. I realized that I am more focused on the presence of money than on the absence and the lack! This emotional shift was so big for me! I was in fear around money for years!


A few weeks later I received the opportunity for the exact amount of money – 9000 €, in form of a financial support for self-employed entrepreneurs given by the government here in Germany because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The application process was so smooth and easy and the best thing is: I did not even need to use this money because after I got it I attracted new clients and opportunities in my business out of nowhere!

- Simone Vullriede

I loved the Quantum Creators course, it helped me make connections that took my manifestations from good to great! The way they’ve put the course together makes it easy to integrate into your life and I highly recommend it. Some of my manifestations that have come full circle over the last few months include: an incredible relationship with my soulmate that came out of nowhere, more time to myself, and a blossoming business!

- Molly Wilder

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When I signed up for QC², I had already been into manifesting and the Law of Attraction and had some success with it. I was very curious and to learn the new techniques that were going to be taught in QC².

The big desire that I chose to focus on was my own apartment. I’m happy and excited to say that I just moved into my dream place on August 1. The technique that was taught was science-based and it was different than anything I’d tried before. I really committed to doing the daily practices because I wanted to see if it would work for me. It happened with such ease and synchronicity.

This was one of 3 big intentions I set for the year and now I can move onto the next one and with me feeling so high vibe along with doing the daily practice (which doesn’t require a lot of time), I have such confidence that my other 2 intentions will flow into my reality.


Lo and Zo are beacons of positivity who have turned their lives around and are super supportive. They really are obsessed with this stuff and want to see you win! Taking this course will get you thinking differently about manifesting and mindset in a way that enables you to KNOW that you can manifest your desires.

- Marie Mercurius

I loved the Quantum Creators Course. To be honest, I was sceptic in the first place, but with an open mind, it created a whole new way of thinking for me.

My intentions were to feel better in my body, to improve my physical and mental health and learn more about manifestation before gaining the courage to go for the big goals. Through the modules I was able to get clear on how the universe/manifestation truly works, and to see the world from a new point of view that really empowered me. The course helped me in a refreshing way to focus on my goals from a new perspective and see things manifest step by step, as I was ready to receive them. At first I used the Quantum manifestation process with little things to gain more confidence - like manifesting a dinner invitation or an unexpected compliment.

My skin is now much better and I feel more confident in my body. A lot of things have manifested and it’s really fun to do this on a daily basis. I feel empowered and mentally in a good place. I can always come back to this knowledge and internalize it every day. Once you start manifesting this way, you will never go back. Lo & Zo both have an amazing energy and perfectly balances the ‘magic’ with being real and honest. I can highly recommend the Quantum Creators Course!

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- Juliane Sobania

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When I first heard of QC2, I was on youtube and had stumbled upon Zoey’s youtube channel. At that time, I had moved back home from undergrad and retaking classes at a nearby university. I was lonely, embarrassed, sad, confused, and just didn’t know how to move forward. It was definitely a low point in my life because I felt I was never going to get anywhere - especially like getting into grad school because of my GPA.


Having stumbled upon this program - this became a turning point for me. I wanted to get into my choice of a Master’s program. I visualized and took the practices from QC2 and noticed a tremendous shift.

There was this specific graduate program I really wanted to get into and I religiously practiced Lo and Zo’s content. A week and a half later from applying, I got an email saying I got an interview. I was so happy - I started crying. However, after the interview, I didn’t get into the program and I was crushed. Truly, I felt like this was the program for me but I kept telling  myself everything happens for a reason. I applied to another Master’s program almost 2 months later and lo and behold I GOT IN! I realize now that this program is much better suited for me. I get to move out of state like I wanted to and I get my fresh start! I have many more manifestations but this is the one I am proud of the most. Truly, QC2 opened my eyes and I highly recommend it.

- Malini Patel

For my science-loving brain QC2 was such a life-changer when it came to really believing in the power of my thoughts. Lauren and Zoey showed me all the scientific evidence as to why and how manifestation actually works, in a way that is easy to understand, applicable and fun! On top of the content itself, I loved the weekly live Q&A to get all of my doubts out of the way and get personalized support for my specific questions and limiting stories. 

The unfolding of events after applying the process and knowledge of QC2 was really special because it all started with me trusting and really being able to let go and surrender for the first time ever! In that state I found not only freedom, joy and abundance within myself, but also a new inspired idea and drive to completely pivot the direction of my business. What was amazing was also that I continuously received magical money in ways I could have never predicted in a million years to support me during this time of basically creating a new business from scratch and doing so without the fear or worry that I would have to immediately make money out of it. 

I recommend the course wholeheartedly whether you are a manifestation expert or beginner. Lauren and Zoey are two rays of light with so much knowledge and love and I promise you will be amazed by your new sense of trust and confidence in the universe and in yourself.

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- Elisa Becker

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The Quantum Creators course really opened my eyes and my mind to fully understand the science behind just how manifestation works, to the point of breaking down the quantum physics, providing examples and studies that clearly proving how manifestation works down to the subatomic level, and therefore, strengthening and solidifying my belief in how powerful we as humans are.


As someone who needs to understand the how and why things work, this course was JUST what I needed to fully grasp onto how people successfully used manifestation in their lives - no course out there has broken down how just how the manifestation process works like this one does - it’s literally the only one you’ll ever need! 


Since going through the course, I have created a stronger foundation for my belief system in how powerful we actually are, how our thoughts *actually* do become things (turns out it's a lot easier than I thought), and how to quickly and effortlessly manifest, literally anything. In the span of 4 weeks, I went from a hopeful manifestor, to a powerful creator of my life. 

- Maritza Chavez

I’ve always felt like the universe speaks to me through little guiding nudges, but never understood it. At the time of joining Quantum Creators Course (QC2) I was searching for a sense of community, while trying to find my niche within my business. 


During the course Lauren and Zoey took my mind on a wild ride of how WE create our own reality and exactly how to make massive leaps, such as quantum leaps. This course opened the possibilities of bringing what I desire to life. I thought I wanted to coach fitness competitors, but was having so much resistance around it. Using what I learned within QC2 I was able to finally realize I want to compete. I have since hired a competition coach and been prepping for a competition this coming October. On the business side of things, I have manifested leaving my part time job, getting a promotion/raise at my full time job and successfully niching down in my business. I have been hosting boot camps locally and coaching people 1:1 in fitness and nutrition online.


Trust me when I tell you, you will love the mind freedom you gain from QC2.

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- Celene Bartlett

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