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4 exclusive hour-long audio trainings (Jan 23-26 @11AM ET).

A supportive Telegram chat & community with coaching from Lo &  Zo.

Simple but powerful daily mindset work to become outrageously open &  Divinely magnetic.

7 days to become a channel for the Divine abundance you've been intending for.

An effortless embodiment of your Divine Magnetism, and the abundant manifestations that come with it.

 Lifetime access for $44 

Become nothing to receive everything.

Over these seven days, you'll be identifying and then releasing everything that's in the way of you accessing your full potential for Divine Magnetism; becoming the space that the Divine rushes into.

No forcefulness. No trying energy. No constant need to monitor your thoughts or try and shift incessantly out of the everyday resistance that comes with being a human.

Just allowing. Just flow. Just the magic of you working hand-in-hand WITH all that is, to create more than you're currently even intending for, and having it arrive with way more ease and magic than ever before.


We're covering:

  • The key to radiating Divine magnetism and how to become next-level magnetic (and no, it has nothing to do with confidence, affirmations, or raising your vibration)

  • How to create an open space that Divine abundance flows effortlessly to and through

  • How to stop trying to manifest, and instead learn to leverage the power of outrageous openness and ultimate allowing to call in more than what you could even know to ask for

  • How to create massive up-levels in your manifestations overnight, without overcoming endless blocks, obsessing over your desires or trying to stay in alignment 100% of the time


About your hosts

We're Lauren and Zoey. Or, as our audience knows us, Lo & Zo.

We're former 9-5ers turned coaches, entrepreneurs, podcast co-hosts of The Lo & Zo Show, and Quantum Creators of our dream realities. 

After years of studying what works and what doesn't when it comes to quickly manifesting the outcomes we want and creating freedom-filled lives we absolutely love, we've spent the past 4 years sharing our out-of-the-box processes for up-levelling your reality in ways that don't involve monitoring your every thought or trying to remain "high-vibe" all the time.

Now, we're bringing back our wildly popular and truly transformative Divine Magnetism Minimind, to serve our community in creating Quantum leaps in 2024 by becoming Divinely magnetic.

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