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Lo & Zo

Quantum Creators Course (4).png
Quantum Creators Course (4).png

MAY 15TH & 16TH @10AM ET

**Replays to remain up until Friday May 19th

Inside the Quantum Creation Masterclass, you'll learn...

  • The Quantum Physics behind manifestation, and why understanding them is your gateway into dropping the analysis paralysis and Quantum Leaping in all areas of your life and/or business

  • Exactly how to implement the Quantum process (vs. the LOA one) and why it works with way less time and effort (+ the fundamental flaws with traditional manifestation teachings that are keeping you from your biggest desires)

  • The 'missing piece' that changes absolutely everything-- how you view yourself, the world, and your ability to mold it into any reality you desire to

  • Why it's NOT necessary to be in a constant state of belief or monitor your every thought and emotion, and how to manifest even the big things in just ten minutes a day

  • Why it's time to drop the "attractor" identity and replace it with CREATOR in order to feel powerful AF and Quantum-leap your life

  • Why releasing "limiting beliefs" is timely and can create MORE resistance, and what to do instead to have your desires show up NOW

Meet Your Hosts, Lo & Zo

We're Lauren and Zoey. Or, as our collective online audiences of over 180,000 people know us, Lo & Zo.

We're former 9-5ers turned coaches, entrepreneurs, podcast co-hosts and most importantly, Quantum Creators.

We both believe in and implement daily a knowledge, understanding and little-known manifestation process that has allowed us both to manifest lives, businesses and realities we absolutely love.

After years of studying what works and what doesn't when it comes to quickly manifesting the outcomes we want, we've come to discover a fundamental and widely unknown truth-- that we ARE the power that creates reality and absolutely everything in it, and that we can manifest life-changing outcomes in a fraction of the time, effort and frustration than most people seem to think.

Now, we're sharing the Qu
antum Manifestation process that's turned our realities upside-down in the best, most magical ways imaginable.

Join us inside the Quantum Creation Masterclass to learn the truth about who you really are, and use it to create any reality you desire in 2023 and beyond.

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