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A membership by Lo & Zo


We see the real you, Queen. And we think it's time that you do, too.

  • You've been living life as the "nice girl", who is super amazing at making others happy, usually before meeting her own needs

  • You dream of what it must feel like to be confident AF, and to have people move aside when they see you coming (because GIRL, you're a woman on a mission and people know not to get in your way)

  • You have big dreams for yourself and your life, if only you could learn to stop talking yourself out of really going after them

  • You're tired of telling yourself what you can/can't do, or what you are/aren't capable of

  • You've bought the nice clothes and tried the fad diets, chased a long list of things that were suppose to make you feel amazing, only to be left wondering why they didn't (at least not for long)

  • You're downright sick of that inner mean girl who's hell-bent on convincing you you're not good enough for the dream job, the dream guy or the dream clients

  • Worrying about what other people think comes naturally to you; in fact, you're a total pro at it

Let us take a guess here real quick though...

  • You just KNOW there's more out there for you-- if only you could learn to be friggin' fearless in the pursuit of it

  • You're ready to put on your favourite pair of jeans, look in the mirror and think "hot DAMN I look good!"

  • You see those girls on social media, slaying their game and owning their power, and you imagine what it must feel like to confidently live life by your own rules; letting go of the expectations of others once and for all

  • You just can't shake the feeling that the person you wound up being in life is NOT the real you; that the powerful creator of a Queen you were born to be is within you, just dying to be set free

  • You're ready to embrace the REAL you-- the Queen of a woman who goes after what she wants, knows she's worthy AF, and gets it, too

Here's the truth , Queen. Everything you want is waiting for you  on the other side of you realizing how effing awesome you are.

Getting what you want won't make you confident. But developing confidence WILL get you what you want; and help you feel like a badass while doing it, too.


What would you be capable of if you truly believed in yourself? In short-- everything and anything you desired.

BELIEF is the one thing that all fulfilled, successful people have in common. They believe they can, and so they do. The Universe is simply a mirror, reflecting back to you what you believe to be true (and possible) for you.

When you up-level your confidence, you up-level your belief in yourself, and a massive up-level in your LIFE has no choice but to follow suit.

Whether it's building the dream biz, asking for a getting that long overdue raise at work, or simply radiating an energy that people can't resist, learning to hard-wire your brain for mega confidence (even if you're currently the self-elected Mayor of Insecurity-ville) is the key to creating a life of true abundance-- whatever that looks like for you.


The best part? Confidence is something you can easily BUILD, once you know where to look (Psst.- that's where WE come in!).

The real you is in there, guiding you to read these words right now, but buried under a lifetime of believing those who told you you were anything less than a magical f*cking unicorn.


But first, have we met yet ?


Hey there! We're Lauren and Zoey, better known as Lo & Zo; co-founders of The Queen Mind Tribe Facebook community and the Lo & Zo Show. We're on a mission to help ambitious women like YOU to wake up to their potential, step into their power, and manifest the heck out of abundantly awesome lives as the confident AF Queens they were born to be.

We believe that empowered women are the key to changing the world.


We ALSO know first-hand how hard it can be to create your desired results in life without a boat load of self-confidence. The two of us have each been through the ringer in terms of constantly questioning ourselves and drowning in a pool of "not good enough". We've also each done the inner work needed to go from the introverted and shy "nice girl" who was full of doubt and self-sabotage, to successful entrepreneurs living lives we absolutely love, building our online empires and settling for nothing less than extraordinary.

And here's the thing we really, REALLY need you to hear-- going from insecure, introverted and unsure, to the powerful creators of our own realities through building CONFIDENCE, really wasn't all that hard, once we knew how to do the mindset work that needed to be done.

Zoey Poulsen is a published author, life coach and YouTube personality with an audience of over 130,000 people. In the last few years she's gone from 9-5er working a job she hated in downtown Toronto, to moving to Rome, Italy, where she grew a huge online audience through building her personal brand. She's manifested paid travel all over the world and now earns twice her former full-time salary working as a life coach, freelancer, author and influencer.

BUT it certainly wasn't always this way. For years, Zoey struggled with being bullied, holding herself back from speaking her truth, and never knowing how to stand up for herself. She lived inside a world of feeling unworthy of opportunity, love and the life she secretly envisioned and desperately desired.

She allowed herself to be pushed around at work , but didn't know how to leave a job she'd been working her whole life for.

Zoey went to work on building her confidence and self-belief, and her outer reality has drastically shifted to match her new and improved, inner one.

Lauren Saunders is a former high school teacher turned business owner and entrepreneur. She now helps people all over the world to build businesses they absolutely love as an online business coach. This year she will surpass the 6-figure mark as a self-employed entrepreneur doing work she feels incredibly blessed to do.

She's grown her business by getting in front of large online audiences and sharing what she knows with people it can help. With a combined online audience of over 30,000 people, Lauren loves to share
glimpses of a former version of herself-- one who was incredibly insecure, didn't know how to make eye-contact or talk to strangers, and struggled daily with body image issues and a decade worth of fad dieting attempts.

As someone who focuses her business efforts and coaching strategy around mindset & our ability to ATTRACT what we want in life, Lauren whole-heartedly believes that the way to getting everything we want is through building our belief in ourselves. She's dedicated her life and business to helping people find the confidence and develop the self-perception needed to create the big, life-changing outcomes they truly desire.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 10.06_edited.p
Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 10.09_edited.p

Girl, you deserve to have everything you want in life and more. But more than that, we're here to help you feel as incredible and powerful as we know you really are.



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Imagine what it would be like to...

  • Stop constantly questioning yourself because the Queen you are knows her decisions are ALWAYS right on the money, honey

  • No longer give a flying unicorn about the opinions of others


  • Set your sights on something you want --more money, a steamy relationship with the love of your life, a booked-out biz doing work you love-- and not bat an eyelash in the pursuit of making it your reality

  • Become a total pro at manifesting a life that most would tell you was an impossibility

  • Feel the true FREEDOM of doing what YOU want, without the need for permission or approval of others

  • Walk into a room and have your radiant Queen energy do the talking for you (you'll hear people whispering things like "there's just something about her...")

  • NEVER again settle for less than you deserve (in work, in relationships, in money, in LIFE)

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So what IS the Queen Confidence Academy?

QCA is a 4-week intensive group coaching program for the Queen (or King) who's seriously ready to gain the confidence that not only makes all things possible for you (because the more confident you are, the more you believe, thus the more you manifest) but also just enjoys day-to-day life feeling like a total boss babe badass.

Inside the 4 weeks of the program you will finally leave behind the pieces of you who have been holding you back for far too long, so that you can embrace and transform into the version of you that you were truly born to be.


We know the emotional struggle of never really feeling the way you want to feel about yourself. We also know the frustration that goes along with seeing the life you truly want, but constantly questioning whether you're capable or deserving of it.

Queen Confidence Academy is your one-stop-shop for finally getting off the self-doubt bus and boarding the express train to the life and relationship with yourself that you have long been lusting after.

Queen Confidence = the un-missable, un-f*ck-withable quality of a badass woman who owns her value as the goddess she is.


This academy is for you if...

  • You're no longer okay with settling for what you think you can get, over what you truly want

  • You've (most likely) tried to develop the feeling of confidence and self-certainty through gaining the approval of others, but it never feels like enough

  • You're beyond exhausted from all the self-loathing and self-doubt

  • You're ready to implement the daily practices that will *actually* make the difference you desire

  • You value guidance and are always eager to learn more and better yourself

  • Simply put, you're done with satisfactory-- it's time for the extraordinary


Are you ready to become your most confident self, and manifest your most abundant life?


Here's what the Queen Minds from our previous round of QCA are saying...

Here's what we'll cover together...

Through individualized support, the program content will be catered to each participant. However, here's a taste of what you'll accomplish over the 4 weeks of the program.

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Creating your vision of the new (and true) YOU


We get in life what we have the courage to ask for. It's time to ask for what you deserve-- which is to feel confident AF and manifest whatever you desire. By the end of week 1, you will:

  • Learn how to *actually* embody and become the confident AF version of yourself that you were born to be

  • Know how to not only imagine the new you, but quickly transform INTO her from the inside out

  • Have identified the old stories and self-perceptions (the ones you don't even know are keeping you stuck) and reframing them so they're no longer able to hold you and your dreams hostage

  • Implement the daily actions and practices that will catapult you from insecure and full of self-doubt, to Beyonce-level badass ASAP (the effectiveness of these will change everything for you)

  • Have unleashed the part of you who knows that she's worthy of (and going to get) everything she desires and dreams of-- life will never be the same


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Breaking up with your old self


Girl, you wouldn't be reading this if your inner confidence Queen wasn't screaming for you to let her out (seriously-- she's got some pretty exciting plans for you and your life!). We'll get you there by leaving behind the pieces of you (inner mean girl- we're coming for ya) that are no longer aligned with the vision you have yourself, and the way you truly desire to feel. By the end of week 2, you will:

  • Be a practiced pro at taking daily action that literally scares that inner mean girl right out of you (listen close-- she's already trying to talk you out of it)

  • Have learned how to shed the layers of yourself that make creating your dream life, next to impossible (unless of course, you implement what we'll be sharing with you in week 2's module!)

  • Decided, once and for all, what you're TRULY worthy of, and also unavailable for (the jig is UP- it's time to stop accepting less than you deserve)

  • Have identified the underlying stories and beliefs about yourself that flat out, aren't true (no matter how long your ego's been convincing you that they are)



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Taking aligned action


We're not here to throw a bunch of fluffy information at you about building confidence-- we're here to push you into realizing that the version of you that you truly desire to be, already exists within. You've just never been given to key to unlocking the cage she's trapped in. By the end of week 3, you will:

  • Learn the incredibly influential role that taking ACTION has on building your confidence, and how to take the right actions to up-level into your Queen-self, ASAP

  • Be a pro at taking the inspired actions necessary to bring forth the manifestation of your biggest desires

  • Begin to see yourself in a light of competence that you've never experienced before

  • Create outcomes in your life you never knew yourself to be capable of, and quickly, too

  • Finally unveil your TRUE YOU by changing the way you show up in the world and in the eyes of other people (they're going to notice a huge change in you, but not be able to put their finger on what it is)


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The powerful new YOU


These 4 weeks are only just the very beginning of a life filled with possibility, confidence and the ability to produce whatever results you desire to. By the end of week 4, you will:

  • Have begun to re-wire the parts of your subconscious brain that have been holding you back for way too long (self doubt, your time of reckoning has COME)

  • Have implemented a crazy effective daily mindset routine that has catapulted you into a new version of yourself-- the one you've been begging to show up for years

  • Have blown past the hardest part (those first few weeks of building any new muscle are a bitch AMIRITE?) of transforming into the badass version of you

  • Have gained all of the understanding, tools and practices to continue up-levelling into your most Queen Confident self-- the one who has nothing but possibility in front of her, and the Universe at her fingertips



The Details...

During the 4 weeks of Queen Confidence, you'll get:

4 Queen Confidence Masterclasses (valued at $1400)

These weekly video modules (specific topics described above) will be your one-stop-shop for gaining the knowledge, daily exercises, tools and proven strategies for re-wiring your brain to become the new, Queen-confident YOU.

We've removed the guesswork for you, so that you don't have to spend ANY more time stuck in the same limiting beliefs and self doubt that have kept you from creating your dream life.

One new module will be sent out each week, and they're pre-recorded so you can complete them on your own time. They're also yours forever, so you can continue referring back to them to create bigger and better results in your life for years to come.


4 x 60-minute group coaching calls with Lo & Zo (valued at $800)

As a participant in QCA, you will get 4 group coaching calls. This is where the real transformational magic will take place, as you connect with and learn from your fellow QCA participants- these are the women who are going to remind you of the Queen you are, and all you're capable of.

During our calls together we'll dive into your biggest goals (the ones you've been too afraid to admit out loud!) and then create a plan of attack that will get you there, ASAP, while busting through the stuff that's been keeping you stuck.

You'll leave both calls feeling empowered AF and ready to make sh*t happen. Why? Because we know who you really are, and we're about to introduce you to the confident Queen who's beyond ready to make her full-time debut.

Access to the members-only Facebook group and group chat (valued at $800)

Our Queen family Facebook group and group chat is a place for you to ask your fellow program participants questions, learn from each other's setbacks and breakthroughs, and get peer support whenever you need it. The group chat will be a place for us to hold each other accountable, cheer each other on and be in the process of becoming our best, most badass-selves alongside one another.

You weren't meant to travel this road this alone-- your QMA fam is yours to keep and grow with forever.

Mindset Mastery Workbooks (valued at $600)

To deepen your understanding of the course materials, each of. the 4 modules will come complete with a mindset mastery workbook that will walk you through the action-steps and transform you and your brain into the confident Queen you're ready to become.

These workbooks will be the key to breaking through the mindset blocks that have held you back in the past. They will guide you through the process of stepping into your Queen self and staying as her-- for good.


Daily prompt emails (valued at $1000)

Building your confidence muscles quickly isn't about what you do once-- it's about what you do repeatedly. Each weekday of the program you will be sent an email prompting you to complete a 10-minute journal activity for the day, followed by a daily action-item designed specifically to align you each and every day with the thoughts and emotions of your Queen confident-self.

The more you visit her, the faster you become her. These QMA quick-but-effective-AF emails will have you step into her first thing every morning in order to become her throughout our 4 weeks together.

Total Value: $5600

Your Investment :

Pay In Full

Join Queen Confidence Academy for 1 payment of: $597

**prices listed in USD


Payment Plan

Join Queen Confidence Academy for 3 bi-weekly payments of: $222

**prices listed in USD

Module 1 drops Friday, November 8th!

What happens next ?

Pop the champagne, QUEEN!! You've just gained access to an entire Universe worth of new possibilities. When you change the way you feel about and relate to yourself (which you're about to do in BIG ways inside QCA!), you change the energy signal you send out, and your physical reality MUST rearrange itself to reflect this change.

After selecting your payment option, you will be automatically re-directed to the program's members-only Facebook group, where you'll introduce yourself and get to know your new QCA family.

Module 1 will be sent out before 10AM EST on Friday, November 8th, with a new module arriving to your inbox each Friday morning throughout the 4 weeks of the program.

The program begins the minute you sign up, as you've now made the no-nonsense decision that it's time for serious change in your life; and the Universe responds quickly to those who set serious intentions and follow them up with bold moves.

Expect miracles, because they're on their way!


Ready to *finally* feel confident AF, AND manifest an awesomely abundant life as a result?


Frequently Asked Questions

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