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Abundant Beings Club

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An identity-shift group program by Lo & Zo

You're a motivated soul who's been working to create their dream life, dream love and/or dream bank account...

But it feels like no matter how many books you read or vision boards you create, you can't quite get your full-time belief behind your desires  actually manifesting.


We see the real you, Powerful. And we think it's time that you do, too.

  • You KNOW that you came to this life at this time, to realize your limitless power and  become the conscious creator of an abundant AF reality you love

  • You're tired of living in your head, instead of in your life

  • You've seen others effortlessly create the money, the love, the career and the home life that you desire, and are often left wondering if they have something that you don't

  • You have days where you feel truly on top of the world-- powerful beyond measure and ready to make shit happen... if only you could hold on to it

  • You're ready to replace inconsistent results with CONSISTENT ones; by BEcoming the master manifestor you deep down, know you were born to be


Let us take a guess here real quick though...

  • You're no stranger to dreaming up, visualizing and 'speaking into existence' the outcomes and circumstances you really desire to create for yourself in life

  • BUT... it feels like even though you've manifested results here and there, the really big, really life-changing desires you have are somehow always just out of reach

  • You've been told that manifestation is  suppose to be simple, however more often then not, it feels like anything but

  • You spend more time than you'd like to admit questioning yourself, questioning whether or not living your most abundant life is actually a possibility for you, and questioning why it hasn't worked yet

  • You understand and believe in the power of your mind to create a beautiful life, but visualization and affirmation practices that the experts swear by often leave you feeling less worthy of your desires than ever, and you can't seem to stick with it long enough for things to really change

  • When it comes to manifesting your dream life, you're ready for things to be fun, flowy and consistent

There's something we need you to hear--

Who you THINK you are, is what's creating your reality.

Or in other words, who it is that you are BEING through your thoughts, feelings and actions at a subconscious level, is dictating what you're getting in life.


It's not that you're doing the visualizations wrong, not saying the affirmations often enough, or missing that 'unwavering faith' everyone tells you is essential.

You're simply in need of an identity-uplevel: one that'll make it impossible for you NOT to believe in, go after and manifest every last thing on your vision board as the confident & unstoppable creator you actually are.

Have we lost you yet? Allow us to dive in a little deeper...

Here's the long-overdue truth that we don't hear nearly enough modern manifestation teachers sharing: you can only manifest on the outside (the booked-out client calendar, the overflowing bank-account, the soulmate love story) what you can easily SEE yourself as having on the inside.

Without wiring-in the habitual & subconscious thought-patterns, beliefs and feelings of the version of you who already HAS what you currently desire, current your self-image/way of BEING is preventing you from creating and keeping the life you deserve and have been setting intentions for.


If you want a thriving online platform filled with your dream audience members, but don't subconsciously see yourself as someone worth listening to, your people can't find you.

If you want the love of your life to show up already, but you don't truly believe you're worthy of a deep connection, your person will never be able to hear the soul siren you've been sounding.

If you're ready to call in the time & financial freedom you just KNOW you were made for, but are questioning the value of your services, the (boatload of) dolla bills awaiting you will keep landing in someone else's pocket.

"Change doesn't come from what we are doing. Change comes from who we are BEING. The only way to get to Point B from Point A, is to BE the person from Point B."  -Jim Fortin

It's time to up-level into the version of you who's confident AF, capable of anything, and the powerful creator of a life you're wildly obsessed with.

The way TO everything that you want, is to become and operate from the version of you who already has it on a subconscious, identity level.


It's time to become the Abundant BEING you were born to be (and become a magnet for everything you want as a result).

But first, have we met yet ?


Hey there! We're Lauren and Zoey, better known as Lo & Zo; co-founders of The Lo & Zo Show Podcast and the Abundant Mind Tribe Facebook community. We're on a mission to make manifesting a big, intentional, abundant life available to anyone who chooses it.

We're here to provide the missing pieces to the conscious creation puzzle, help you remember & USE your infinite power, and create a reality you can't believe you get to call your own.


We ALSO know first-hand how hard it can be to create your desired results in life without a boat load of self-belief, and an identity (or self-image) that's rooted in confidence & conviction. The two of us have each been through the ringer in terms of constantly questioning ourselves and drowning in a pool of "not good enough". We've also each done the inner work needed to go from the introverted and shy "nice girl" who was full of doubt and self-sabotage, to successful entrepreneurs living lives we absolutely love, building our online empires and settling for nothing less than fucking extraordinary.

And here's the thing we really, REALLY need you to hear-- going from unsure, constantly questioning ourselves and frustrated AF, to the powerful and consistent creators of our own realities, has been a game of changing our SELVES, in order to change our LIVES.

Now, we're here to give you the tools and know-how needed so that YOU can do it, too.

Zoey Poulsen is a published author, life coach and YouTube personality with an audience of over 130,000 people. In the last few years she's gone from 9-5er working a job she hated in downtown Toronto, to moving to Rome, Italy, where she grew a huge online audience through building her personal brand. She's manifested paid travel all over the world and now earns twice her former full-time salary working as a life coach, freelancer, author and influencer.

BUT it certainly wasn't always this way. For years, Zoey struggled with being bullied, holding herself back from speaking her truth, and never knowing how to stand up for herself. She lived inside a world of feeling unworthy of opportunity, love and the life she secretly envisioned and desperately desired.

She allowed herself to be pushed around at work , but didn't know how to leave a job she'd been working her whole life for.

Zoey went to work on building her confidence and subconscious identity, and her outer reality has drastically shifted to match her new and improved, inner one.

Lauren Saunders is a former high school teacher turned business owner and entrepreneur. She now helps people all over the world to build businesses they absolutely love as an online business coach. This year she will surpass the multiple 6-figure mark as a self-employed entrepreneur doing work she feels incredibly blessed to do.

She's grown her business by getting in front of large online audiences and sharing what she knows with people it can help. With a combined online audience of over 30,000 people, Lauren loves to share
glimpses of a former version of herself-- the one who was incredibly insecure, didn't know how to make eye-contact or talk to strangers, and struggled daily with body image issues and a decade worth of fad dieting attempts.

As someone who focuses her business efforts and coaching strategy around mindset & our ability to manifest what we want most in life, Lauren whole-heartedly believes that the way to getting everything we want is through building our belief in ourselves and developing the self-image that allows for automatic alignment with our desires. She's dedicated her life and business to helping people find the confidence and develop the self-perception needed to create the big, life-changing outcomes they truly deserve.

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You deserve to have everything you want in life and more. We're here to help you finally think, act and FEEL like the badass Abundant Being you really are.

We're here to help you up-level your SELF, in order to up-level your LIFE.



Abundant Beings Club

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Imagine for a second, what'll be like to...

  • Effortlessly draw in the money, love, success and overall ABUNDANCE simply as a bi-product of the person you're being, and the thoughts, feelings & beliefs you experience automatically

  • No longer question yourself, what you're capable of or whether or not manifesting your big, life-changing desires is really possible for you-- you're an Abundant Being and you KNOW you can have whatever TF you want

  • No longer require validation from others to feel the love, abundance and confidence you desire

  • Never again feel like what you want is out-of-reach, because you have the tools, daily practice & know-how needed to up-level INTO the subconscious identity of the version of you who thinks, feels & acts in a way that magnetizes what you want, TO you without needing to effort

  • Become the most confident, most unstoppable and worthy version of yourself who knows their value and receives all you desire as a result

  • Have unwavering belief in YOURSELF such that you can set intentions and simply know they're on their way

  • Watch in awe as the world around you rearranges itself to reflect back to you your new identity: goodbye uncertainty & frustration, hello Abundant Being-ness!

"Stop trying to do things to make it happen, and start BEING that person instead."  -Jim Fortin


So what IS the Abundant Beings Club?

ABC is a 30 day group coaching program (turned DIY course) in which you'll acquire the knowledge, tools, support, accountability and daily practices to completely transform your self-image in order to transform your outer reality.

When it comes to manifestation, creating desired change that LASTS is about programming in a new way of thinking, feeling and acting habitually.

Inside the first 30 days of the Abundant Beings Club, you'll earn and implement the tools & practices that'll transform your world from the inside out. Following out first month together, you'll be automatically transitioned into a monthly payment plan, should you choose to commit to this work long-term with support & accountability (and we HIGHLY suggest you do!).

How unrecognizable would your life be if you committed for 3, 6 or 12 months to creating a completely new you, and aligning your SELF energetically with the reality that's been waiting for you to claim it.

ABC is the 'choose your own up-level' program-- meaning, no matter where you're at or what you want, you can reprogram in a new identity that brings you into energetic alignment with that reality in order to manifest it, by applying the ABC teachings and practices.

Here's the truth, Powerful. Everything you want is waiting for you on the other side of you realizing (& truly believing in) how effing awesome you actually are.

We've developed the Abundant Beings Club (or 'ABC') as your one-stop-shop for creating subconscious patterns of thought + feelings and beliefs that will automatically align you with the reality you desire-- the one that up until now, has remained out of reach.

What would you be capable of if you if you were already BEING that successful, free, loved version of you? In short-- everything and anything you desired.

BELIEF is the one thing that all fulfilled, successful people have in common. They believe they can, and so they do. The Universe is simply a mirror, reflecting back to you who you believe yourself to be, and what you subconsciously feel you are capable of.

When you up-level your identity, you up-level your belief in yourself, and a massive up-level in your LIFE has no choice but to follow suit.

Whether it's building the dream biz, getting that long overdue raise at work, or simply radiating an energy that people can't resist, learning to hard-wire your brain for mega self-conviction (even if you're currently the self-elected Mayor of Insecurity-ville) is the key to creating a life of true abundance-- whatever that looks like for you.

The best part? Your "BEING-ness" is something you can easily tranform, once you know where to look (Psst.- that's where WE come in!).


Who is YOUR inner "Abundant Being"?

Your Abundant Being is the version of you who carries themselves with confidence, knows their value, and moves with conviction in the direction of whatever it is they want. Your Abundant Being doesn't need unwavering faith or iron-fisted motivation to continue taking action towards their dreams; their desires find THEM as a bi-product of who they are being, and of the ways of thinking, feeling and acting that come naturally to them.

Your Abundant Being is the real you-- the one who no longer allows doubt, fear, or the opinions of others slow them down-- they're simply far too sure of themselves, where they're going and what they're capable of to give a damn.

Uncovering and becoming your inner Abundant Being is your key to creating your MOST abundant life, and it has nothing to do with vision boards or trusting the process or whatever impossible-to-accomplish emotional state everyone's been telling you you must discover.

When YOU change, your life will change, too.

The truth is, that our lives & businesses truly took off (and stayed that way) when we began to embody the identity of the successful entrepreneurs we desired to be.

By learning how to think, feel and act in alignment with the "Abundant BEing" version of ourselves and program in the personality and beliefs of that next-level version of ourselves, we transformed our outer realities by transforming our inner ones.

Are you ready to leave behind the doubt, indecision and frustration and BECOME & create the abundance you were destined for?

The ABC Curriculum Breakdown

Here's what we'll accomplish in your 4 weeks inside ABC and beyond...


Thinking as the Abundant Being Thinks


While we're aware that much of the manifestation world tells you it's as simple adding what you want to your vision board and then "just believing" it's on the way, we know better. Having belief, trusting the process and feeling worthy of your desires (so that they can come & stay) is a bi-product of who you're BEING, and the thoughts you habitually and automatically think as a result. By the end of Week 1, you will have:

  • Get crystal clear on what it is that you truly desire to create for yourself, so that you can get to work BEcoming that version of you

  • Learned how to *actually* embody the confident, courageous, next-level YOU that you were born to be-- the one who manifests abundance on auto-pilot

  • Learned how to not only imagine the new you, but quickly transform INTO him or her from the inside out, so that believing in and going after your every desire is simply who you are

  • Have identified the old stories and self-perceptions (the ones you don't even know are keeping you stuck) and reframing them so they're no longer able to hold you and your dreams hostage

  • Implemented the daily actions and practices that will catapult you from full of self-doubt, to Beyonce-level badass ASAP (the effectiveness of these will change everything for you in a flash)

  • Have unleashed the part of you who knows that they're worthy of (and going to get) everything they desire and dream of-- life will never be the same again



Believing as the Abundant Being Believes


Becoming the conscious creator of your own, abundant AF reality is about shifting your BELIEFS, and there's a shortcut to programming-in new beliefs (the ones that'l draw your desires to you with ease): BECOME the version of you who confidently believes their every desire is as good as theirs, and the results must follow. By the end of Week 2, you will have:

  • Let go of the BS narratives and widely believed falsities that the outside world have convinced you are true-- the ones that are making it impossible to align with and manifest the life of your dreams

  • Learned how to shed the layers of yourself that make creating your dream life next to impossible (unless of course, you implement what we'll be sharing with you in week 2's module!)

  • Identified, released & reframed the underlying stories and beliefs about yourself that flat out, aren't true (no matter how long your ego's been convincing you that they are)

  • Begun to hardwire-in to your subconscious, the beliefs that'll draw to you the money, the relationship, the success etc.-- lack & limitation are SO a thing of the past



Acting as the Abundant Being Acts


We're not here to throw a bunch of fluffy information at you about transforming your identity-- we're here to push you into realizing that the version of you that you truly desire to be, already exists within. You've just never been given to key to unlocking the cage he or she is trapped in. By the end of week 3, you will have:

  • Learned the incredibly influential role that taking ACTION has on building your confidence, and how to take the right actions to up-level into your most abundant-self, ASAP

  • Be a total natural at taking the inspired actions necessary to bring forth the manifestation of your biggest desires (the things that used to be scary & anxiety-inducing will soon be NBD)

  • Begin to see yourself in a light of confidence, conviction and limitlessness like you've never experienced before

  • Create outcomes in your life you never knew yourself to be capable of, and quickly, too

  • Finally unveil your TRUE YOU by changing the way you show up in the world and in the eyes of other people (they're going to notice a huge change in you, but not be able to put their finger on what it is)



Feeling as the Abundant Being Feels


We've all heard it before-- feeling like you already have the things you want, supercharges your manifestation powers and turns you into a literal magnet. This week, you're going to learn how to feel like your desires are here now, and do it automatically, too. These 4 weeks are only just the very beginning of a life filled with possibility, confidence and the ability to produce whatever results you desire to. By the end of week 4, you will have:

  • Begin utilizing intentional visualization practices to influence and program the subconscious to feel the emotions of having your desires, so that they can manifest

  • Begun to re-wire the parts of your subconscious brain that have been holding you back for way too long (self doubt, your time of reckoning has COME)

  • Implemented a crazy effective daily mindset routine that has catapulted you into a new version of yourself-- the one you've been begging to show up for years

  • Gained all of the understanding, tools and practices to continue up-levelling into your most Abundant Being self-- the one who has nothing but possibility in front of you, and the Universe at your fingertips


The ABC Program Details

Here's what we'll accomplish inside ABC...


 4 Abundant Being Video Modules 

These weekly video modules will be released over your 4 weeks in ABC, and will be your one-stop-shop for gaining the knowledge, daily exercises, tools and proven strategies for re-wiring your brain to become the new, Abundant AF YOU. You have lifetime access to them so even after you cancel your membership subscription, you can continue to watch and benefit from the core teachings of ABC.

We've removed the guesswork for you, so that you don't have to spend ANY more time stuck in the same limiting beliefs and self doubt that have kept you from creating your dream life.

 Access to the members-only Facebook group 

Our Abundant Being family Facebook group is a place for you to ask your fellow program participants questions, learn from each other's setbacks and breakthroughs, complete the transformative ABC daily mindset work, and get peer support whenever you need it. The group will be a place for us to hold each other accountable, cheer each other on and be in the process of becoming our best, most badass-selves alongside one another.


 4 Mindset Mastery Workbooks 

To deepen your understanding of the course materials, each of. the 4 modules will come complete with a mindset mastery workbook that will walk you through the action-steps and transform you and your brain into the confident Abundant Being you're ready to become.

These workbooks will be the key to breaking through the mindset blocks that have held you back in the past. They will guide you through the process of stepping into your true self and staying as him/her-- for good.

6 Months worth of replays of Magic-Making 60-minute Q&A livestreams with Lo & Zo 

Inside the club's exclusive Facebook group we have weekly Q&A livestreams with Lo & Zo, during which we'll dive into your biggest goals (the ones you've been too afraid to admit out loud!) and then create a plan of attack that will get you there ASAP, while busting through the stuff that's been keeping you stuck. **NOTE: these are replays from when the program ran live. You'll be gaining access to months worth of replays inside the Facebook group when you join ABC.

You'll leave these calls feeling empowered AF and ready to make sh*t happen. Why? Because we know who you really are, and we're about to introduce you to the conviction-filled Abundant BEING who's beyond ready to make his or her full-time debut.

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 An Identity-Transforming & Subconscious-Reprogramming Daily Mindset Practice 

The way to the life you desire is through wiring-in a new subconscious (AKA automatic) way of being, and we've designed, tried, tested & proven the effectiveness of the daily mindset practice we share exclusively inside ABC. Not only that, we've each personally used it to create outcomes like consistent 5-figure and multiple 5-figure months, the explosive growth of our businesses (even during a global pandemic), and overall lives we are wildly obsessed with.


We know without a shadow of a doubt, that your ability to transform your life through transforming your SELF, will develop as a result of an ongoing daily mindset practice that'll create new neurological pathways within the subconscious brain-- ones that'll make manifesting & maintaining the life you desire fun, flowy & effortless.

 Life Access to the Manifestation Resources Library 

The ABC manifestation library is filled with exclusive and invaluable resources & teachings that'll keep you continuously up-levelling your SELF, and therefor your LIFE.

Everything from Zo's books, to instant energy-shifting meditations, to Lo's entire money-making mindset process for entrepreneurs, and so, SO much more. Lo & Zo's ABC resource library is the place where we share allll our best-kept secrets and game-changing tips, tricks & manifestation tools.


Some what's inside the ABC Manifestation Library:

You get lifetime access to this library of manifestation resources, including...

  • The "Manifest Miracles" ebook by Zoey Arielle Poulsen

  • The Money Makers Mindset Masterclass (complete with workbook) by Lo, sharing her top mindset hacks & strategies to making it BIG in business

  • The Queen Mind Mini-Course: 3 Steps to Powerfully Manifest Like the Queen You Are (and attract whatever TF you want 👑)

  • An ABC exclusive identity-shift guided meditation

  • A video module with Lo & Zo on the power of visualization, and how to implement next-level imaginative practices to super-charge your manifestation powers and bring about specific desired outcomes on demand

  • A money abundance guided meditation


 The Investment : 

By joining the Abundant Beings Club, you'll gain lifetime access to the Abundant Beings 4 weeks of course materials and all resources and features described above.

NOTE: ABC no longer runs as a live program, and instead is now a self-paced course (available at a discounted price) that includes months worth of coaching call replays with Lo & Zo to assist you on your journey and get your questions answered.

Join the Club

Join the Abundant Beings Club for $555 or 3 bi-weekly payments of $222

What happens next?

Pop the champagne, Abundant BEING!! You've just gained access to an entire Universe worth of new possibilities. When you change the way you feel about and relate to yourself (which you're about to do in BIG ways inside ABC!), you change the energy signal you send out, and your physical reality MUST rearrange itself to reflect this change.

After selecting your payment option, you will be automatically re-directed to the program's members-only Facebook group, where you'll introduce yourself and get to know your new ABC family.

You'll also gain access to the ABC curriculum inside of Zo's Kajabi platform upon signing up to dive into as soon as you're ready.

ABC begins the minute you enrol, as you've now made the no-nonsense decision that it's time for serious change in your life; and the Universe responds quickly to those who set serious intentions and follow them up with bold moves.

Expect an abundance of miracles, because they're on their way!


Ready to BECOME abundance, in order to create it??

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