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Divine one...

We see you.

 You've been holding it all together for far too long now

Doing the work.

Believing in the dream.

Endeavouring day after day
 to align with the life, the love, and the freedom that deep down you know you're destined for.

You've created some truly beautiful &  abundant experiences in this life, while other desires still elude you. 

It isn't within you to give up on them, but... you're tired.

Tired of trying, of hustling, and of overthinking.

Tired of questioning things. Of questioning yourself. Of sacrificing the present moment while running from the past or chasing the future.

You sometimes wonder how you'll keep all the plates continuously spinning, or whether or not you even want to.

Even though becoming a "dif
ferent version of you" often feels empowering, you no longer wish to prescribe to the idea that who you already are, isn't enough.

In the wake of all of this

your desires have shifted.

Where you once imagined an abundance of material things, now you're driven much more by the potential for peace of mind. For ease and flow. For presence and simplicity. For emotional freedom and the circumstances that support it.

While your original goals may remain, your reasons behind wanting them are different, and you're no longer willing to try and force them into becoming a reality (in your experience that hasn't worked, anyways).

You want to live a truly Divine life, but without having to push, force, or sacrifice.

You want to receive and allow for all the love and freedom this world has to offer, but in a way that feels peaceful, calm, and flowy.

You want magical manifestations to be your default.

For peace of mind, complete presence, and personal power to go hand-in-hand.

And for inner 
Divinity to be what's left after the disguise has been removed.

" To the mind that is still, the whole Universe surrenders."

- Lao Tzu

Despite what you've been told, creating a reality wilder than your wildest dreams is not an act of willpower. It doesn't request or require making-happen, wholehearted belief or unwavering faith.

 It's only ask is openness. 

That you become a space through which all good things can flow freely without resistance, control or contradiction.

When you ask, it is given. Divinity - The Mastermind, is the portal through which you access your ability to
allow in more than you've dreamt of, without needing to force or control a single thing.


  • Living a surrendered life of flow and ease, where you both manifest specific desires AND remain open to the Divine unfolding of more than you could know to ask for

  • Returning effortlessly to a state of presence and openness, knowing it's all that's required to have things work out and manifest on your behalf

  • No longer fighting with life, learning instead to simply let it flow

  • Creating an inner fortress of solitude, peace, love and joy, that gets reflected back to you in the external world in every area of your life and/or business

  • Moving through life in partnership with the Divine, knowing it's all unfolding for you, no longer needing to try and change things in order to feel safe or happy; everything you need and desire comes to and through you with ease

  • No longer trying or pushing to make things happen, but becoming the space that allows them to, instead

Become nothing, receive everything.

 There's a Divine power lying dormant within you. 

This power is grounded, calm, confident. It resides by default, in spaces that are free from judgement or criticism. It knows only the peace of the present moment.

It's more quiet than it is opinionated.
More st
ill than it is in motion.
More inherent
 than it is earned.
More nothing... than it is s

This power is not forceful. It does not seek to make happen.
It doesn't need to be claimed or cultivated but rather, simply allowed for.

To t
hose who possess this power, prosperity flows with ease.
Conflict ceases, abundance abounds, and more than you asked for flows in to fill the
open space that's left after everything else has been cleared out.

You are Divinity, disguised.

 Your work is not to become more in order to receive all good things in ease and abundance. 

 It's to become less

Less overthinking.

Less judging
 and meaning-making.

Less of all the false ideas you have about yourself that are limiting what you're able to receive.

Your work is to become a space of nothingness... of pure presence and total allowing. To create an empty space that's free of resistance.

Your work is to become outrageously OPEN to the Divine abundance that's long since been trying to flood in.

 About Divinity 

Divinity is a high-level 6-month container in which its participants will be guided through the deep inner work needed to become outrageously open and Divinely magnetic, by fully releasing the parts of themselves that unconsciously control or resist.

A way of being that's based in openness and allowing will become the default space from which they effortlessly receive. Their lives will become about both creating desired outcomes through surrender and trust, while being a channel for that which wants to come through them.

Together, we'll be releasing the past, healing our bodies and nervous systems, identifying and bringing awareness to the real sources of our doubts, fears and not enough-isms. Divinity has been built to be the ultimate transformation portal for those who enter it; returning you to back to the Divinely-given power from which you originated.

In short, Divinity is your gateway into a whole new paradigm of conscious creation, and a life of easeful allowing and flowy existence.

Divinity as a way of being or energetic signature, has two sides to it in terms of why it's such a powerful state space to embody:

  1. When you're in your Divinity, you're able to set intentions and then effortlessly allow them in. No pushing, forcing, or trying to control. You release all need to 'make things happen', and instead become a powerful force of ALLOWING that lets things line up on your behalf, as you move with ease through the guided and inspired actions that are needed (no 'figuring out', strategizing or overthinking required).

  2. When you're in your Divinity, you allow for more than what you've even asked for, because you've become a clear channel for Divine abundance to flow to and through. You surrender a lot of your own (more ego-based) desires and in turn, make room for the Divine's bigger plan for you. In doing so, you and your energy field become a space for miracles; for outcomes beyond your wildest dreams to unfold. You're guided in every step and know there's nothing you need to control or try and hold together on your own. All of it belongs to Love. To the Divine. You're simply the (very abundantly compensated) messenger, and as a result the present moment becomes so deliciously abundant, that overtime you likely swap your own desires for the Divine's altogether, because it's way more fun and magical to completely release control and allow in what wants to come in on its own.


Divinity is an open state of ease and flow, rather than control or making happen. It's a space of ultimate allowing; allowing for both the arrival of what you desire, and the unfolding of life's plan for you.


Accessing this state, is the deeply integrative and next-level identity work we'll be doing together over the six months of the mastermind. Each month we'll be diving into a different distinction or modality designed specifically to enable you to release resistance from deep within, and open yourself up to Divine abundance as a result.

Divinity as a powerful state of being:

The Structure:

As a member of Divinity, you'll be invited into:

What's incuded

- 6 months of community growth inside an exclusive Telegram group chat

- A 6-month, 12-module curriculum (dripped out every 2 weeks from the time you sign up) that walks you through the transformational inner work that Divinity is built around 

- An incredible soul family of fellow Divinity participants to learn from and grow alongside forever

- 60-minute audio calls with Lo &  Zo (once every 3 weeks) inside our Telegram group where we'll do the deep-dive curricular work together

- 6 months of unlimited access to the Quantum Creators Course &  Imperfect &  Prosperous curriculums

The Curricular Pillars

Divinity is an intensive transformational 6 month portal, and will include a comprehensive curriculum alongside monthly coaching inside the group. In true Divinity style, the curriculum has been Divinely and intentionally designed/channeled to serve those who join the program. The work we do inside will be centred around the following pillars:



Pillar 1, and one of the key areas of focus that our guidance and coaching will be centred around within the mastermind, is a mass releasing (or "undoing") of all the false identities, ideas, beliefs and fear-driven ways of being that are keeping you in a pattern of unconsciously closing yourself off, so that instead, it becomes natural for you to simply be open.

When we've released the parts of ourselves that need to control out of fear, or that wants to force outcomes out of a need to feel like we're okay or enough, what's left is an ability to exist in the present. To honour the unfolding as it wishes to come. This mass 'undoing' of everything you are not, will create a space for joy, confidence, and trust to rush in to fill, and your external world will shift in response in the most easeful of ways.



So much of the way we move through and relate to life, is decided by our subconscious need for safety-- both emotional and physical. We seek out circumstances that support a feeling of security, inadvertently causing us to come from lack or need in our desires and in how we move towards them. The fundamental flaw in the way we're taught to think about security, is that even if we manage to mold our reality and make it look a particular way (so that we can feel safe as a result), circumstances can drastically shift in an instant, taking our ability to feel safe, happy and peaceful with them.

Pillar #2 is about cultivating that security internally, independent of any and all external circumstances. This is work we'll be doing at both a mind and body level, ultimately freeing you from the attachment to outcomes that's keeping you stuck in lack and control, instead of accessing and embracing flow and ease. When you no longer need something in order to feel okay, it floods in to freely fill the empty space that's left.



The space of 'openness' we're creating inside of Divinity will be curated through a return to love within any and all areas/causes of resistance or attachment for you. When you exude love for yourself, for others, and for life, your energy field is a Divinely Magnetic one. Within Pillar #3, we'll be specifically creating love within our relationship to ourselves, and that which we're able to exude towards all others; becoming a space that effortlessly draws in Divine abundance in it's purest form, and without the need for forcefulness, control or trying-driven ways of operating.



Divinity as an identity, is the most powerful and yet most peaceful one there is. When you 'ask', more than you've asked for is given. Your job was never to make it happen, strategize your way there or live in your head trying to control your every thought and emotion in order to make something manifest on your terms or timelines.

The fourth and final pillar is the one that the entire mastermind exists to help you to become: to have you fully embody the feminine and gain effortless access to next-level ALLOWING. To transform you into an open and resistance-free space of non-judgement, unattachment, trust and flow, and to make available to you a life of presence, peace of mind, and ultimate personal power.

Divinity (15).png

Surrender, revisited

Divinity is your portal into a life of surrender. However not surrender in the way the spiritual community often references it.

We're talking about surrendering your resistance. Your control. Surrendering the habit of judging, story-telling, and meaning-making. Surrendering the trying and obligation energies that are getting in the way of you and a life of Divine abundance.

Surrender as a means to receive everything you've ever wanted through a Divinely laid-out, path of most allowance.

Inside Divinity, you'll access and integrate the power of living a surrendered life through deep, integrative inner work of the mind, body and soul. The curriculum and coaching will be a specifically curated combination of scientific and spiritual principals that grant you access to a whole new way of living and relating to life, and whole new level of receiving abundantly as a result.

You'll come away from the program...

  • Having trading trying energy for trust, and earning for easy receiving

  • Having released the need to control on a deep, subconscious &  biological level, and accesses Divine flow and total allowance instead

  • Offered the overwhelm and overthinking back to Love; keeping all the plates continuously spinning is no longer your job - you simply flow, love &  allow

  • Having surrendered many of your own desires (because you now know you're whole and complete without them), making space for them to flow right in

  • Having turned the present moment into your greatest source of personal power

  • Having become someone who lives a life of little resistance or attachment; every day holds the potential for miracles and you're loving every moment of the unfolding

"It comes not because of your struggle, but because of your ease."

- Abraham Hicks


Divinity was previously launched in 2023 as a mastermind program, but is now being offered as a group program that includes a little bit less support, but is every bit as transformational. It also means we're able to offer it at a much more accessible price. Click here to read what's included.

Join for 1 payment of $1111, or
6 X monthly payments of


Doors close Thursday, February 1st @11:59PM ET

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm IN! What happens next/when do we begin!?

Powerful, you've just set in motion the most impactful, transformational 6 months of your life, and we couldn't be more excited to be going on this one-of-a-kind journey with you.

Divinity officially begins Monday, February 5th with with the group chat opening the Friday before. Shortly after signing up, you'll receive an email with everything you need to know and access to the firts module in the Divinity curriculum, which you can dive into as soon as you're ready (subsequent modules are dripped automatically every 2 weeks from the time you sign up).

How is Divinity different from your other courses (Quantum Creators or Imperfect & Prosperous)?

Consider Divinity the 'mother' of all L&Z work and courses/containers. These 6 months are the next-level DEEP dive into truly becoming nothing, in order to receive everything. Participants will work with Lo & Zo over these 6 months while learning and growing alongside fellow Divinity family members, to come out the other side having released years worth of resistance, stories and stuck-ness in record timing.

Divinity has been designed as a high-calibre, high-results container, and participants should be ready to go all the way in.

Are there refunds? What if I'm on the payment plan and change my mind?

Due to the nature of Divinity and the transformation we're guiding you through creating once inside, there are no refunds or cancellations of payment plans. You're entering into Divinity to become the version of you who can create any outcome, to trust the decisions and commitments you've made, and to create any outcome regardless of circumstances. This is our way of holding you accountable to the transformation you are desiring and intending for (not to mention, deserving of), and attracting in only those who are truly ready for the life-changing work and breakthroughs inside.

What if I miss a call?

All calls will be recorded and available for replay inside of a private Facebook group/Telegram group chat.

What if I want to watch a module or listen to a call over again?

You are welcome to watch the modules and listen to the calls as frequently as you like and have lifetime access to all calls and Divinity-specific modules/materials.

I’m worried life will get in the way, what if I can’t keep up?

Life happens, we totally get it and that’s why we’ve made this program incredibly supportive to be a part of. You will not only have lifetime access to the content within the program, but you also have an incredibly supportive community that will empower you through natural life transitions.

What if I’m shy?

We totally get this and have both been there ourselves. What we’ve come to know is that when you feel the call to a specific group or community it’s because your Soul Family is inside. We’ve witnessed incredible lifelong friendships and support systems bloom and blossom in our containers and we could not be more excited to see you inside blooming! You may feel shy now, but we can promise you that within these 6 months and beyond you will be accessing a whole new level of confidence! Your fellow mastermind participants you be Divinely chosen as people who truly SEE you, support you, and celebrate you for exactly who you are-- whether you're super shy or the most outgoing person inside Divinity.

I have more questions. Can I contact you?

Of course! You can reach out to either of us on Instagram to have a chat (@zoeyarielle and @loveanddots) or email us at

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About Lo & Zo

 "You can only take another to depths as deep as you yourself have gone" - Zoey Poulsen 

We're Lauren and Zoey, or as our audience knows us, Lo & Zo. We're coaches, intuitives, business partners and co-hosts of the Lo & Zo Show Podcast. Over the past 4 years we've created a large body of work both together and separately, centred around empowering other conscious creators to manifest lives (and often businesses) they absolutely love through a strategic combination of spiritual, biological and scientific teachings. We've collectively created beautiful outcomes for ourselves including dream homes, 6-figure and multiple 6-figure years in business, world travel and soulmate relationships.

We've created Divinity after a period spent in both our lives that we've been referring to as a mass "undoing". An undoing of the false identities and ideas that unconsciously limited us. An undoing of the parts of ourselves that grasped onto control and a sense of external security. An undoing and releasing of the old paradigm based in trying, forcefulness or making happen, in exchange for one of openness, flow, ease and surrender.

Our approach to and motivation behind continuing to create lives we love has changed. It's become about ease. It's become about inherent enough-ness. It's become about easeful receiving over forcefully earning. The undoing process that brought us here is what we're now channelling into Divinity, inside our most powerful and potent curriculum yet.

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