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Four weeks to exchange fear for faith, worry for belief, and find the peace of mind needed to create a freedom-filled life: emotionally, spiritually & financially.




We see you there, and we know what you're thinking-- there's a lot currently happening in the world that's making it hard to feel good right now.

A lot of sh*t you most definitely DIDN'T put on your vision board.

You had every intention to manifest a beautifully abundant and love-filled year, and suffice it to say... things aren't exactly going as planned.

You are...

  • A self development & manifestation junkie, but there just always seems to be something holding you back from truly believing in your desires, especially right now

  • Likely feeling anxious about things outside of your control

  • Telling yourself that your goals are gonna have to be put on hold until things go back to 'normal'-- trying to manifest things like love & money just doesn't seem feasible right now

  • Tired of letting doubt & fear run your life and hold both your dreams and peace of mind hostage

  • Ready to figure out this game of manifestation & use it to create anything you desire, even during a global pandemic (if only you could wrap your head around how to make that happen)



It's happening so that you can finally shine light on your ego's doubts & fears, replace them with trust & faith, and step into your power to create with intention, once and for all (REGARDLESS of circumstances).

 None of this is happening by accident. 

This is a time of mass awakening.

A time when we're being asked to transform fear into faith, anxiety into empowerment, and free ourselves from the emotional and physical confines of the scarcity-driven ego.

You've been asking for the opportunity to create change in your life...

And the Universe has promptly delivered.

If you're ready to transform the doubt, fear & anxiety in your life into fun, faith & freedom (pandemic or no pandemic), now is the time when you're being called to do just that.

Powerful, we know you might be wanting to use this time to...

  • Lean into belief, and learn how to TRULY trust the process, no matter the circumstances


  • Grow into & strengthen your connection with the Divine, the Universe, with all that is-- and use it to create your dream life, whatever that looks like for you


  • Discover your power to manifest abundance in the form of happiness, health, rich experiences and financial security regardless of what's going on outside of you


  • Realize the peace of mind that comes with choosing your perspective and emotions, and having complete control over the amount of enjoyment you experience in day-to-day life


  • Be a force of LOVE during a time when the world is being overrun with fear


  • Come out of this trying time far better off than how you entered into it-- KNOWING that you hold the power to create whatever you want no matter what happens


  • Let go of WORRY and the exhausting emotional rollercoaster that comes with it, and know deep down, that you are ALWAYS taken care of


  • Rise above the outside world, go within, and become happier and more at-ease than you've ever been before

"You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved."

-Mel Robbins

The secret ingredient to effortless manifestation that most are missing...

When it comes to setting an intention and manifesting it with ease (we don't care if it's your soulmate love or $100,000, you can have it all), the thing that blocks people is the doubt and fear-based thoughts that the ego so sneakily throws our way.

The opposite of fear however, is TRUST. And trust not only happens to be the missing ingredient to quick and easy manifestation... it also happens to be the thing the Universe is trying to help us each develop at this current point in time.

When you TRUST, you let go of the struggle. When you TRUST, you set intentions and then allow them to manifest in the absence of resistance. When you TRUST, you work alongside the Universe to create big change, quickly-- and you get to feel happy & joyful while doing it, too (pandemic or no pandemic).

You're being shown your fear right now so that you can transform it into trust, and come out of this time more confident, powerful and joyful than ever.

Four weeks to exchange fear for faith, worry for belief, and find the peace of mind needed to create a freedom-filled life: emotionally, spiritually & financially.





Whatever fear, doubt or anxiety you're currently dealing with, it's been shown to you so that you can once and for all replace it with love, trust & faith, and manifest the freedom and peace of mind-filled life you've been envisioning for yourself as a result.

Through developing our ability to TRUST the process & feel happy & aligned no matter the circumstances, we've collectively manifested results including...

Growing 6-figure online businesses that allow us to lead freedom-filled lives we love

Manifesting the money needed to pay off LARGE sums of debt quickly.

Growing online audiences in the tens of thousands.

Attracting book deals and moving into our dream homes.

Travelling across the world & going on paid trips.

Bringing in almost $30K in sales in a single month in business.

Creating huge changes in our health & wellness.

Retiring a successful business to travel Europe in style while working full-time online.

Attracting a cutting edge sound studio to record out podcast from for free.

Creating freedom-filled lives we absolutely love and never need vacations from.

Feeling free to continue attracting abundance and enjoying life, even during a global pandemic.

It's Time to Find Your Freedom

During our time together, you'll learn how to develop an un-shakable feeling of TRUST, faith & freedom through daily journalling & action-prompts, as well as three liberating AF modules. Each of the three modules are designed to be consumed within the first 8 days of the course, so that you have all the info you need to facilitate the Fear-to-Freedom transformation you deserve, and can use the bulk of our time together implementing the knowledge and practices provided to move into faith & love, A-S-A-P.

Here's how they're gonna go down--

 Module 1 

 Truth Vs. Ego & The Science of Spirituality 

In Module 1, we're going to dissect the difference between fear vs. love, and ego vs. truth, so that you can swiftly move from one into the other before the downward spiral begins to take over. We'll also be diving into WHY it's safe for you to have trust right now when it feels as if the Universe has abandoned us (don't worry, it HASN'T!) by sharing the science of spirituality; how your thoughts become things, and how nothing outside of you --not even COVID-19-- can stop you from manifesting everything you desire, unless you allow it to.

By the end of Module 1, you'll be well on your way to becoming besties with the Universe through proving to yourself that even in the chaos, it's STILL got your back, and you can call on your Divine BFF whenever you need to for a little peace of mind, some extra cash, or simply because it feels good to know you're taken care of and everything is unfolding as it's meant to.

Untitled design (16).png

 Module 2 

 Uncovering The Source of Your Infinite Power 

Module 2 is where your get your power BACK, and build it up like you never have before. By learning how to shift your perspective and see ANY situation through a lens of love & truth instead of fear & worry. you gain complete control of not only your emotional state, but the reality you create, too.

By the end of module 2, you'll be a pro at shifting into a new emotional state simply by choosing it, and then following that choice up with a few simple actions we'll provide inside the module.

It's GOOD to have emotions, to feel and experience life as a human being-- BUT you were never meant to be a slave to them. Module 2 is when you take back your power, and discover the unwavering trust & faith needed to manifest abundance as the creator you are.

Untitled design (16).png

 Module 3 

 It's Time to RISE 

If you're reading this, it's because you've been called to help uplift the consciousness of the planet by shifting your vibration from fear into love and being a light for those around you to do the same. Whether you choose to facilitate that shift inside F2F or not, there's no question about it-- you're a lightworker, and you have been chosen.

We are collectively being called to move mass consciousness into a state of awakening-- to once and for all exchange fear for love on a global scale. Inside Module 3, we're going to help you create that shift in YOURSELF by showing you your ability to manifest even during times of great uncertainty.

Manifestation still works, and the Universe hasn't stopped responding to your vibrational set-point. Now's your chance to not just discover your capacity to feel good no matter what, but also learn how to manifest with ease despite ANY unfavourable circumstances.

Here's the thing about happiness--

(And we mean shout-it-from-the-rooftops, singing-in-the-shower, thrilled-to-be-alive happiness)

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with what's going on outside of you, and EVERYTHING to do with your ability to choose your perspectives, moods & emotions, and practice yourself into unconditional alignment no matter the circumstances.

THAT is where your power lies. THAT is your one-way-ticket to the good life. THAT is what you came here to not only discover, but to inspire within others as well.

That's also the awakening we're all being called to embrace at this very moment in time.

The Universe hasn't abandoned us, it's simply opened the 'path of least resistance' doorway into a life & collective existence where we all get to choose happiness regardless of our physical environments, and manifest our greatest desires with ease as a result.

The details...

Here's what's included in our four weeks together, and how your Fear to Freedom transformation is going to unfold...


Three Fear-to-Freedom Modules with Lo & Zo

The three modules that encompass the curricular content of F2F are designed to be consumed within the first 8 days of the course, so that you have all the info you need to facilitate the Fear-to-Freedom transformation you deserve, and can use the bulk of the 4 weeks inside F2F, implementing the knowledge and practices provided to move into trust, faith & love, A-S-A-P.

You'll have exclusive lifetime access to all curricular content, so you can continue to refer back to it whenever you need a quick F2F brush-up.

Daily Action & Mindset Prompts

Taking action is a powerful way to shift your mood & emotions. In Fear to Freedom, we'll provide you with daily prompts like a 5-minute journalling practice that'll strengthen your connection to the Divine & allow you to manifest with ease, or complete a "Random Act of Happiness" that spreads love while also enabling you to feel better, quickly.



A Daily Mindset & Journalling Practice That'll Light You Up & Set You Free

The emotions you're used to experiencing are the emotions you've been practicing. Wherever you're at is PERFECT, however we want you to know that you have the capacity to change the way you habitually think & feel (and thus, the way you experience of life/what you draw to you by default) simply by implementing & repeatedly practicing a NEW set of emotions/a new way of perceiving things.

Weekly Livestream Replays & Meditation Sessions with Lo & Zo

By joining F2F, you'll gain exclusive access to 4 livestream Q&A calls that were recorded during the original round of Fear to Freedom, to help you deepen your understanding of the course content, and walk you personally through the process of exchanging fear for freedom, while also participating in a meditation that'll bring clarity & guidance to you when you need it most.


Three PDF Module Workbooks

We don't just want you to sign up for F2F (should you be feeling called to do so!), we want it to be an avenue through which you empower yourself to find peace of mind in any situation for the rest of your life.

The module workbooks will not only include the curricular teachings, but also will help you to deepen your understanding and application of them so that you feel powerful AF to experience life however you choose to from this point forward.


 The Investment 

Join Fear to Freedom for
One Payment of

**F2F is available as a DIY evergreen course, and you'll gain immediate action upon signing up. Unlike our other courses, the modules are hosted inside a private Facebook group. You must have a Facebook account in order to gain access.

**Price listed in USD

What happens next...

After payment, you'll be immediately sent access to Fear to Freedom on our Kajabi members-only site. You can dive in to Module 1 just as soon as you're ready. All curricular content, past F2F livestreams and meditations are yours to keep and refer back to forever.

Over the next 4 weeks and beyond we encourage you to use this course and it's life-changing content, to help you navigate this time and transform fear into the freedom-filled life you deserve.

Let's look back at this time in a year from now and have it not be something we wish never happened, but instead, the turning point and clarity that inspired us each to embrace love, develop trust, and find the TRUE freedom we came here to experience.

To your health, freedom & happiness,

Lo & Zo

Questions before joining Fear to Freedom? Email us at! We're happy to chat. <3

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